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Shaanxi's famous cuisine is both sour, salty and spicy, and seafood dominates the menus, ranging from spicy Sichuan to sweet - hard Shanghai. Here, a powerful chain that focuses on Xi'an's food has produced one of the world's most popular restaurants, the Qingdao restaurant chain. Dainty seafood is served in a variety of cooking styles, from the spicy of SICHuan to the sweet and heavy of Shanghai, but the restaurant, run by a team of chefs from China's most famous gourmet city, faces the challenge of serving everything in one place and at one time.

The food is excellent, with a warm and comfortable ambience, and there is a popular lunch Savour Sichuan, available for just $5 for two or $10 for three. Yum cha addicts are spoilt for choice, but the food at North Garden Restaurant, where shrimp dumplings are a specialty, is exemplary. Crystal Jade is known for serving the best of Chinese and Asian cuisine; there is a Cantonese and upscale Hong Kong offering a wide range of urban dishes, including a clay pot kitchen called Zai Fan.

Beijing's cuisine is hard to pin down, borrowing styles from across China, but one of the best restaurants to enjoy good food in the city with its wide range of dishes is Ju Bao Yuan. Beijing's best halal restaurant serves mutton and copper hotspots, and in remote western China, where the population is predominantly from the Turkish-speaking Muslim minority, the Silk Road is dominated by barbecue skewers.

Chef Li Qiang brings you Chinese delicacies, the restaurant is known for its tobacco - colorful and artistically retro. Be sure to check out the best restaurants in China to sample the most popular dishes in China, such as pork belly and pork ribs.

Divino is one of the best restaurants in China and Qingdao Guotie has achieved many accolades in the history of gastronomy in Beijing and other parts of China. Enjoy a unique dining experience in the 660-seat restaurant, considered the best old restaurant in Beijing. Visit the pin-up flavors for a culinary atmosphere, cultural cuisine and experience that represents the global culture that has been collected over time.

In 2014, Qingdao hosted the International Horticultural Exhibition and hosts the annual International Sailing Week. Qing Dao Guo Ji (Fan Chuan Zhou) and QingDao Shi Jie (Shi Ji Zhou) and the Qing dao qing Gui Ji Pi Jiu (Qing Dae JiPi Jiu). Qe Diao Shi jie, Qed Dato Gua Ji Fan and Qa Daa Guan Zhou, in addition to the annual Chinese New Year celebrations.

Qingdao is an ideal destination if you want to combine sea fun with a trip to China. To experience the same, enjoy all the culinary delights the country has to offer and include some of China's best restaurants on your itinerary. For a dense Muslim cuisine with flavor, visit one of our best halal restaurants outside Beijing.

West of Queens Center Mall, 100 - 30 Queens Blvd in Elmhurst, named after the historic waterfront district of Shanghai. The hallway up is brightly lit and serves the best big steamed dumplings in Chinatown. Qingdao cuisine, usually deep-fried and braised, is often used with soy sauce, shallots and garlic. This dish is known for its delicate aroma and pure flavor, but there are a variety of dishes you can try anywhere, including pork, chicken, beef, pork belly, duck, shrimp, fish, eggs, vegetables and more.

You may be the first to serve Qingdao with the Qingdao residents "chefs, staff and owners.

There is a wide range of dishes, from roast chicken to traditional pork and beef to the beaten-out ways, but always delicious.

It was not until the mid-1960s that the first Sichuan restaurants emerged, joining the few establishments that already offered food from Beijing, Shanghai and Taiwan. Chinese - American Cantonese, the restaurants in Chinatown were predominantly Chinese-American, with the exception of a small number of restaurants in New York City. In the next decades, the range and variety of Chinese food in the city grew as SICHuan itself became one of the most popular cuisines. The cantonal cuisine, an offshoot of dim sum, was revived in the late 1970s and early 1980s and gained universal popularity.

Somehow, the fact that Hainan Airlines will soon launch a direct service from Boston to Beijing seems less remote. You can travel to Qingdao by train, bus or even car, as there are several railway stations in the area, such as the Zhanliu Ganlu and Shinan District streets and streets named after them. The Bank of China's Shandong branch is located at No. 51 and the Hong Kong branch at No. 52.

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More About Qingdao