Qingdao China Intercontinental Hotel

Qingdao, China's Shandong Province, will open its first intercontinental hotel, the Crowne Plaza, in 2008. It will be the first of its kind in the world and the largest hotel in China with a capacity of more than 1,000 rooms in the city's business centre.

The InterContinental Qingdao will be the only hotel in the city centre and will open before the 2008 Olympic Games. It is the nearest hotel and conference centre, but you will be only a short walk from the road to the city centre and a few kilometres from the Olympic Park, so it will not only be the hotel centre, but also the main tourist attraction.

Air travel is possible by connecting with Liuting International Airport, but you will need to take a bus, taxi or ferry to and from Qingdao. For this trip, please download a map of the subway and China Railways to your smartphone and secure a copy in paper form. If you forget, you can also travel to QingDao by train or bus, as there is a train station just a few kilometers from the InterContinental Hotel.

Experience the fast-growing new world of Qingdao, China's second largest city, and represent a time - globally collected. Explore the bustling souks, sample fish snacks, Chinese noodles and clothes, visit Tian'an, escape the endless golden beaches of Oman and experience a fast-growing, vibrant and vibrant new city in China.

Guests can relax with a selection of drinks in the lounge and enjoy Japanese, Western and Chinese cuisine. Guests can recreate ancient Chinese history with royal dishes, learn about Qingdao's history, ancient city and its history, and learn Chinese. Learning the language is not necessary, but the locals appreciate those who speak at least some Chinese phrases and try to learn them.

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The on-site spa and fitness center makes the hotel ideal for relaxing as you wish, and guests can visit the pool, pool or beach and relax to experience a relaxing, relaxing and relaxing experience. You will be refreshed by the sea breeze that makes this one of the most beautiful hotels in Hong Kong. Wherever you choose, enjoy the beautiful views of Qingdao, the vibrant city skyline, its beautiful beaches and its vibrant culture.

Summer is the best tourist season in Qingdao, when the temperature is not too hot and the sea water is warm. Many of the popular tourist attractions, such as the Hong Kong International Convention Center, are also held in summer. Summer is also a good tourist season for QingDao, when the sea water is warm and you can easily withdraw money in CNY. ATMs are plentiful and most accept international credit and debit cards.

There are A cafe (c) bar and 3 restaurants on site, and guests looking for a new style should head to the hotel's hair salon.

Immerse yourself in the local culture by visiting the Qingdao Beer Museum, built by the Tsingtao Brewery. A tour of the museum gives visitors an insight into the history of beer in China, from its origins to the current state of its production.

In parallel with the tingling atmosphere of the hotel from the inside out, there is a perfectly luxurious and cultural touch that will capture your imagination. Behind it lies the wild and remote wilderness, the North and South Pole, and you can jump from room to room in search of adventure and adventure, shining on your tiptoes.

Central Asia is exciting, otherworldly, trembling in Central Asia, from the mountains of Kazakhstan to the deserts of Kyrgyzstan and up to the Chinese mountains.

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More About Qingdao