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Hilton Hotels and Resorts has announced the opening of the first Hilton China Hilton Hotel in Qingdao, China. The China Daily, "SHANGHAI - IBM China on Friday signed an agreement with Shanghai Zhangjiang Group to establish a partnership to promote and accelerate artificial intelligence in the world's second largest hotel chain in China, according to a company press release. Shanghai - Zhang Jiangjiang Group: IBM China signed agreements on Saturday with Shanghai Zhaohui Group, the Chinese daily newspaper, to establish a joint partnership with China's largest hotel company, Qingdai Hilton, to "cultivate, accelerate and build an alliance to promote and accelerate artificial intelligence in a world-class hotel system in Beijing, Guangdong and Shanghai.

In Singapore, "Hilton Hotels Corporation (Hilton) officially opened the Doubletree Hilton Qingdao on July 3, 2009. The opening brings the number of DoubleTree Hilton hotels in China to three, illustrating Hilton's growth strategy for the "Doubletree" brand in the Asia-Pacific region.

Zhangjiang is now designated as a free trade zone and will offer customers more potential resources and support and further boost the economic development of Shanghai, where our China headquarters is located. With the map now being created by Zhang Jiangjing - outside the free trade zones - we can offer our customers more potential support in the region and accelerate our economic growth in Shanghai, where we are based, and in other parts of Asia - the Pacific and the Middle East. By establishing the Free Trade Zones now, "Zhangjiang will provide more resources and support to its customers, but will further stimulate our economic growth in China and elsewhere.

We invite you to stay at Holiday Inn Express Shanghai Zhangjiang for comfort and convenience on your next visit to Shanghai and Zhang Jiangjing. You are invited to invite your family, friends and colleagues from Qingdao China Hilton Hotels & Resorts in Shanghai, China, to stay for the next few days at our holiday hotel in the city of Shanghai. We invite all our clients in China and the Middle East, as well as visitors from other parts of the world, to the holiday homes and hotels in their area of interest. You invite your family, friends and employees from QINGDAO China hotels and resorts in Hong Kong, the United States or other countries to your holiday hotels, hotels or restaurants in our hotel.

President and CEO of QINGDAO China Hilton Hotels & Resorts, Wang Yixin, said of the new hotel: "We are pleased to announce the opening of Doubletree Hilton Qingdao Chengyang. He said that his group's experience in China and the Middle East played a significant role in the decision to choose this group as a strategic partner.

The site is part of the Zhangjiang Group Co. and is the second largest industrial site in Qingdao City and the third largest in China. It is the site for the construction and operation of hotels, restaurants, retail and office facilities.

The largest hotel in the world, the Qingdao China Hilton Hotel, is being built in the Pudong district of Shanghai, in the heart of the Chinese capital, Shanghai. The PUDONG district in Shanghai has set a new standard for hotel construction in China with a total capacity of 1,000 rooms and an office space of 2,500 square meters, according to the Shanghai Municipal Development and Reform Commission (SMDRC). An International Hotel and Hotel Development Company (BIDC) in Beijing, to be established in Pudding, a city in the central business district of Beijing, is the first of its kind in Asia.

Pudong District, a prominent area in central Shanghai, including part of the city's central business district, is located in the center of Science City and is in the heart of Shanghai Science and Technology Park, one of China's most important science and technology parks. The PUDONG District in Shanghai is a central business district with a total capacity of 1,000 rooms and an office space of 2,500 square meters, which includes parts of the central business district.

Yicai Shanghai Zhangjiang Group Co. Ltd., the largest hotel chain in China, has a total capacity of 1,000 rooms and 2,500 square meters of office space, most of which are located in the Pudong district of Shanghai, the Shanghai Science and Technology Park and Science City.

Mercure Shanghai Zhangjiang is located in the Pudong district of Shanghai, the Shanghai Science and Technology Park and the Science City. Aloft - Shanghai - Zhang Jiangjiang Haike with bar and communal lounge overlooking the river is currently located in 1,000 square meters of office space in Shanghai Science Park. With bars, communal lounges and river views, it is also close to the capital of China's second largest city, Shanghai. Mercure - Mercures - Beijing - Yicai - Shijiazhuang, a Chinese luxury hotel chain, was founded in 2009 in Padai, Guangdong Province, while the "Shanghai - ZhangjiangHaike" is now located on the first floor of a Beijing hotel.

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